Video Conferencing Solution

The video conferencing systems are the next-generation
technology, thus the company with aims to attain should not spend their time in negotiations. Investing is such a popular and effective equipment would only assist you as a firm to thrive. When it comes to technology, you have to make sure that you are not missing behind. Today, with the artificial intelligence, everything has gotten so easy for us, which is why we at VNOVAS Dubai never miss to notice the newest updated equipment that will aid our clients in
fulfilling their business objectives.

Our video conferencing solutions are from top and reputable
businesses like Avaya, Polycom, Logitech, Cisco, and many more. So when it comes to quality, you do not have to worry, as you are always given with the top system in the business. These video conferencing gadgets comes with the value-added capabilities that will meet your communication aims. There is no one element that makes a communications device fantastic, it is the mix of
features and functionalities that will provide a meaning to your gadget.

These teleconferencing systems are worth your money since they provide high-quality image & sound as well as a long-lasting and reliable network connection. With the help of the internet and intranet, we give you with the equipment that allows for convenient and pleasant communication between faraway sites. You are provided with a teleconferencing solution that will show you a clear image and provide you with the best sound quality regardless of your location if you have a good internet connection.

Main components need for a video conferencing system Dubai include:

  • Video input: video camera or webcam
  • Video output: computer monitor, television or projector
  • Audio output: generally loudspeakers coupled to the display device or telephone
  • Data transfer: analog or digital telephone network, LAN or Internet
  • Computer: An information processing unit that connects together another components, accomplishes the compressing and decompressing, and begins and maintains the information connection over the network.


With Video Conferencing Systems, you may live in the World of Invention.

With the high-quality image and sound as well as a durable and dependable network connection, these video conferencing systems are worth investing your money for. We provide you the equipment that enables simple and pleasant communication, with the assistance of internet and intranet between remote sites. Regardless of the location, if you have a solid internet connection, you are given with the video conferencing system that will show you the clear picture and provide you the greatest sound quality.

Logitech Video Conference System

Logitech supplies the organizations with the high-definition video conferencing equipment in a simple approach. Logitech systems aid in bringing the company meetings to a whole new level that begins in cooperating with video conferencing items have been created in a method that will implement in high-speed engagement and comprehensive decision making. Logitech video systems serve in numerous verticals such as offices, corporate conferences, classroom conferencing, remote education, and several more scenarios.


Avaya Video Conference System 

Avaya is one of the prominent brands in the technology business. This helps the business and clients to operate in profitable solutions, which aid the associates in interacting with the employees, clients, consumers, and business partners. Avaya video conferencing solutions give enterprises with the unequaled technology that operates in a standards-based video collaboration platform.

Cisco Video Conference System

Cisco is one of the prominent companies in the communications business that strives in supplying high-quality communication solutions that will aid in attaining your commercial objectives. These Cisco conferencing solutions will help you with corporate meetings, distant location client conferencing, online education, classroom lectures, and many more. Cisco wants to give you with innovative and dependable communications technology, which will assist you to communicate with your team in real-time.