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The most important item in today’s business is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone. One of the most essential features of a PBX is that it allows users to dial numbers from within the system. Some pricey numbers can be restricted by a properly designed PBX. The flexibility of the PBX to share a set of lines among many extensions also saves money. An office with 100 extensions, for example, may usually be served by 10 to 15 lines. Because every phone in the firm is required to have a line, this saves a lot of money.

What is the Function of an IP PBX System in the Workplace?

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IP Telephony and PBX System Advantages

Operation is a breeze: Using a PBX system instead of regular telephones makes it much easier to reach anyone. The primary reason for this is that most PBX numbers are just 3 or 4 digits long.

Smooth Connectivity: The PABX allows businesses with specific locations to connect their phone systems without the use of extra phone lines.

Flexibility is employed in PBX phones through an open interface and standards. Compared to old proprietary systems, these PBX solutions seem to be a simple alternative.

Energy-saving options: PABX systems are meant to save you money on power. This is a cost-effective option when compared to regular telephones.

Cost-Effectiveness: Medium and small businesses choose PBX systems since connecting an external phone connection is less expensive.

Scalability options: PABX enables you to scale up your telecoms firm in tandem with your business’s growth.

Simple to Operate: The PABX system has standard branch exchange functionality as well as smooth leading-edge communication and an intuitive user interface.



Previously, the analog PBX telephone system was utilized. Because to technological advancements, the PBX has become one of the most popular business communication tools. To make calls, the PBX system employs a high-speed internet connection to convert analog data into digital data. A telephone system’s principal role is to route incoming calls to the appropriate extension in an office. Recorded messages, voice mail connections, automated greetings dialing menus, and PBX CRM connectivity are just a few of the features that may be added to a telephone system.

A PBX system’s feature set varies according on the manufacturer. As one of the top PBX providers in Dubai, we can provide high-quality PABX installation at a reasonable cost. Call us immediately, and we’ll make sure your business is taken to the next level with our telephone system installation service.

  • Every call is answered and routed by an automated assistant.
  • Voice e-mail allows you to receive crucial customer communications, while voice mailbox allows your client to leave an absence message.
  • Call information to keep track of all business calls 
  • Day and Night mode allows you to choose distinct incoming calls according on the time of day.
  • Receipt and making calls for mobile applications 
  • Recording of calls

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Installation of PABX System

When it comes to keeping a company organized, the PABX system is an important part of the technological infrastructure. It is the conduit through which various types of information flow from one source to another. Through a secure private line, it allows different contact points within the corporate network to communicate with one another. It also allows those same contact points to communicate with one another via an outside line. PABX systems in Dubai and around the world act as a neural network, connecting various departments and allowing for the company’s overall functionality to be unified.

VNOVAS has the technical know-how and industry experience to implement IP PBX Dubai into any infrastructure. We can assist you with a network that is suitable for a start-up or a more extensive connection for your mid-sized business.

We combine industry-leading craftsmanship, top-of-the-line technologies, and upgradeable systems to create a comprehensive network that is perfectly positioned to handle any rate of growth, at any level.

Determining the Specifications of Private Automatic Branch Exchange Systems

A PABX installation is a telephone switching system that is automated within a private network. In a typical corporate setup, incoming and outgoing phone calls are handled by phone lines. The phone carrier is given the task of managing the various lines, which all lead to a multiple-line unit managed by a live operator in this type of setup. This configuration allows external calls to enter the private network through a single point of contact, as well as internal communication between extension units.

A PABX setup can allow the complete network to run with a virtual operator by utilizing an advanced automatic switching mechanism.

One of the advantages of having an IP PBX system is the management of incoming calls.

PABX systems include all of the advantages of a PBX system, with the extra benefit of automatic call transferring. This sort of technology can allow the employment of live workers to receive and transmit incoming calls to the proper internal contact points, providing the firm a face that customers, partners, as well as the general public can see.

Additionally, it has the capability of providing incoming callers with the option of connecting with a specific internal department via an automated attendant mode.

Internal Call Management

Without the assistance of a live operator, IP PBX systems in Dubai and around the world can connect one internal unit to another. This system can be set up to provide a directory of extension numbers as well as establish an internal connection through voice interaction.

Communication between two internal contact points can be made easily, quickly, and efficiently with this type of installation.

Dialing in a Hurry

Time is of the essence for employees who must use the phone on a daily basis to contact clients, potential customers, and others outside the company. The installation of an IP PBX system in Dubai can help with faster communication thanks to programmable speed dialing features. With the press of a single button, you can easily connect to another frequently called number.

Assistance with Automated Inquiries

One of a PABX installation’s strongest suits is programmable call directing. Clients who want to learn more about your company and services can use an automated call directing path that can be programmed into the system to be routed to the department that deals with their specific inquiry.

Interface that is easy to use

The user interface is another reason to use a variety of PABX systems in Dubai. Voice interactive inquiry functions are supported by this type of system. This feature, when combined with the standard station handset buttons, makes integrating technology into daily operations simple and effective.

Capacity to handle a higher volume of calls

Multiple calls can be automatically received, handled, and forwarded by IP PBX Dubai without slowing down the system. Even without a live operator to redirect their calls, current and potential clients are never kept on hold with this feature.

Features that are both flexible and hands-free

Hands-free headsets can be paired with a PABX system installation in Dubai so that heavy phone users are not tethered to one location while taking and making calls. This gives employees a sense of autonomy, which can help them be more creative and productive.