Fortigate Firewalls

FortiGate Firewall is among the best options if you’re looking for excellent internal and exterior network security. For any type of network, the FortiGate firewall delivers end-to-end security. Because of its low pricing and great network security, it is the most popular firewall in the UAE and throughout the world. Many innovative functions associated with network traffic security are included in the FortiGATE Firewall. That is why Fortigate is the preferred choice of all types of businesses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

In 2002, the Fortinet Company released the first FortiGATE firewall, and since then, Fortinet has become the most prominent firewall manufacturer on the planet. 

Features of FortiGate Firewall 

It supports VPN (Virtual Private Networking), Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus, Firewall, Anti-Spam, and Web Filtering.

  • Provides VoIP Security 
  • Optimization of WAN 
  • Application Control 
  • Traffic Shaping 
  • Captive Portal 
  • SSL Inspection 
  • DLP Sensor
  • Email Filter 
  • Stop Malware Infections 
  • Source Interface 
  • Source Address 
  • Destination Interface 
  • Schedule 
  • Protocols 
  • NAT/Route


Entry Level Firewall Models 
  • FortiGate 30 series 
  • FortiGate 50 series 
  • FortiGate 60 series 
  • FortiGate 90 series 
Mid-Range Level Firewall Models 
  • FortiGate 100 series 
  • FortiGate 200 series 
  • FortiGate 300 series 
  • FortiGate 400 series 
  • FortiGate 500 series 
  • FortiGate 600 series 
  • FortiGate 800 series 
  • FortiGate 900 series 
High-End Level Firewall Models 
  • FortiGate 1000 series 
  • FortiGate 2000 series 
  • FortiGate 3000 series 
  • FortiGate 5000 series 
  • FortiGate 7000 series
FortiGate Firewall Providers in Dubai, U.A.E

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Why VNOVAS Best for FortiGate Firewall

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FortiGate Firewall is a great product for businesses looking for security. It is an enterprise-class firewall with a broad range of features.

The FortiGate Firewall offers excellent protection against malware, spyware, and viruses. It also blocks unauthorized access to your network by hackers or other malicious intruders.

It can be used to control traffic based on IP address, URL, ports, and more. This enables you to create custom rulesets that are tailored to your needs.

It can be deployed in either hardware or virtual form for maximum flexibility and performance. The FortiGate Firewall provides advanced threat prevention without the need for third-party software like antivirus software or anti-spyware programs.

There are different types of firewalls, such as hardware firewalls, software firewalls and virtual firewalls.

The fortigate firewall is a type of hardware firewall that provides protection for both data and voice networks. It has been developed to be durable, reliable and cost-effective.

FortiGate has four types of interfaces: Web-based, CLI, Telnet CLI, and SSH. The web-based interface is the most popular with users because it provides a graphical user interface for configuration and management tasks. CLI interfaces are text-based interfaces that are programmable in order to automate tasks on the FortiGate firewall. Telnet CLI provides a command line interface for configuring settings on the FortiGate firewall with commands similar to those in the CLI interface. SSH provides an encrypted connection in order to remotely access

VNOVAS is a distributor of FortiGate firewalls. FortiGate firewalls are designed to protect networks from cyber-attacks and other online threats. VNOVAS has been in the business for over 10 years, and they have been providing FortiGate firewalls to customers all over the world.

FortiGate firewalls are used by organizations of all sizes, including major corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, and small businesses. They provide a wide range of features that help organizations secure their networks from cyber-attacks and other online threats.