Businesses nowadays are plagued by a rising multitude of security risks, with corporate spies and thieves discovering more inventive ways to penetrate and grab critical information to sell to industry competitors. With this in mind, we are trying to create security solutions that boost the defensive line of organizations and corporations against corporate espionage.

VNOVAS, one of Dubai’s best CCTV suppliers, provides a broad variety of services to help you protect your trade secrets. We’ve partnered with some of Dubai’s most recognized CCTV installers to give customers a fully-equipped surveillance networks that include the most up-to-date security cameras and monitoring capabilities.

Our CCTVs in Dubai and other surveillance solutions.

Our objective is to give our clients in Dubai with a growing selection of surveillance solutions to assist them safeguard their own assets.

We offer purchase and installation of the following:

  • IP cameras for indoor and outdoor use
  • Surveillance cams (day & night)
  • Surveillance camera that is wireless
  • Detectors of movement
  • Cameras and accessories for CCTV
  • Pan-tilt-zoom surveillance camera
  • Surveillance cameras for small spaces
As technology continues to become more deeply integrated with corporate operations, more and better methods are being created to counteract internet-based espionage. However, while elaborate firewalls and computer protocols are being deployed to secure sensitive data and information, fundamental precautions are often disregarded, resulting to breach occurrences.
In reality, figures suggest that worldwide cybercrime and economic espionage have contributed to an estimated $445 billion in yearly losses, equivalent to 1 percent of the world’s wealth. If you need a security camera in Dubai placed at your office to secure your intellectual property, VNOVAS has got you covered.

Why VNOVAS's CCTV Solution?

Providing you with the appropriate equipment for the right spot

As the top IT solutions company Dubai full-service provider,
we only utilize state-of-the-art CCTV Cameras accessible, and we will do more than just offer the best solution for your circumstance. We will guarantee that your surveillance security cameras are also positioned and put appropriately to secure your protection.

Whether you need a wireless outdoor security CCTV camera to
put outdoors, or an inside variety to monitor and control activities in your business, we can install it for you. Being the top CCTV camera business in Dubai, We apply a step-by-step procedure for CCTV Installation in Dubai.

Determining client needs and requirements
We will sit down with you and discuss why you need the
finest CCTV providers in Dubai for your business. This will provide us a strong concept to work with as we identify your individual needs.
Location survey and analysis

Our field professionals will look at the predicted breadth of your surveillance system to see how we can best position your equipment for optimal performance.

Package proposal

At this step, we will build a plan that best matches your unique demands, with respect to your budget. If your facility needs an exterior camera that operates non-stop throughout the day, we will recommend one that fits into your budget. If the outside of your workplace needs motion detection equipment, we can incorporate that into the proposal as well.

Package rollout

Once you approve of the customised package we have produced for you, we will roll it out and deploy it according to the agreed requirements.