Structured Cabling System

Cabling is the backbone of your IT network, delivering the voice, information, and video transmission that you rely on every day for vital business tasks. Your cable may be the newest and smallest component of your network, but as the element with maximum life, it may provide significant long-term benefits.

How fast is Your Internet Really?

With internet access being available in almost every home and business, it’s critical to stay informed about various connection types and broadband speeds. Depending on how you connect to the internet, although most people currently use a telecommunications phone line, a television, or a fiber optic line. Based on how it will be run, projected, and received, your internet connection will vary. Both for uploading and downloading, broadband speed is calculated in mbps (Mbps). Megabits per second is the abbreviation for megabits per second. You may check your download and upload speeds provided by your network operator — including Etisalat or Du – at speedtest.net.


Whether something goes wrong in your network, it will be easy to examine if there is an issue with the cable connections. If there is a problem with the wires, structured cabling allows you to simply repair the cables that are causing the problem.


With the ongoing developments in communications technology, it is necessary to have a system that is forward-adaptable. Structured cabling solutions offer precisely that, making changes easy to execute with no danger to the infrastructure.


Moves, expansions, and modifications to the infrastructure can be accomplished fast without tangled cables getting in the way. This minimizes the likelihood of human mistake during repairs and adjustments, therefore allowing for better utilization of finances and corporate time.

Structured Cabling and WiFi In UAE

LANs (Local Area Networks) are created with physical connections. Cables capable of carrying picture and information link a number of computers in one office, on one floor or in one building. As technology has improved, the functioning definition has altered. Particularly with the introduction and general usage of wireless technology, the way we engage with computer networks has altered, both at home and on the job. Some networks will always need to be connected physically, largely for the degree of protection this offers to sensitive and vital information. However, as more business is done online, and greater breadth and bandwidth are required in the corporate sector, more persons are turning to wireless solutions to power their work and their lifestyles.


Structured Network Cabling in Dubai

Structured cabling involves developing telecommunications cable infrastructure that comprises of a number of standardized smaller pieces (thus structured) called subsystems.

Structured cabling falls into six subsystems:

Demarcation point is the point where the service provider’s network stops and joins with the on-premises wiring at the customer premises. Its normally knows as a DP box.

Equipment or Telecommunications Rooms/Data Centers hold equipment and wire consolidation points that service the users inside the facility.

Vertical or Riser Cabling links between the equipment/telecommunications rooms, often on separate levels.

Work-Area Components link end-user equipment to horizontal structured cabling system outlets. 

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  • Sub-Floor Cabling

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Structured Cabling in Dubai

VNOVAS is an expert in this of structured cabling. VNOVAS, a leading IT systems provider in Dubai, offers structured cabling services at a low cost. We install FTP cabling, backbone cabling, shielded pair cabling, unshielded pair cabling, fiber optic cabling. We also provide expert voice and data cabling installations throughout the UAE. We have more than 10 structured cabling experts working on various installation modules.

Why opt for Structured Cabling in Dubai

Investing in a cabling architecture for your office is a must and a golden rule that all business procedures must follow. When it comes to IT strategy, structural cabling becomes the most important and important thing to install in an office space, whether it’s a small startup, a medium-sized company, or a major corporation.

Despite the fact that business technologies are increasingly going wireless in this digital age, structured cabling systems add a unique spark to your IT infrastructures because, at the end of the day, you need a good communication system to rely on to target the maximum audience and distribute your vital business information globally. This is only achievable when you have a professionally planned, installed and administered cabling infrastructure. This is why Structure cabling in Dubai is becoming increasingly popular.

Why Your Business Needs A Structured Cabling?

Well, it’s easy to establish a business, but it’s incredibly complicated to run it, advertise it, reach the target audience and earn from the investments. Here, communication plays a major part as you have to considerably emphasis on good communication. Similarly, you have to make sure you reach the greatest audience with ease. For this, clearly, you look for top telecommunication systems, which is not only functional but also demand low-maintenance as well. Isn’t it?

In this instance, structured cabling services system given by Structure cabling in Dubai come in as a realistic and effective alternative, and their benefits cannot be overlooked.

Those who aren’t aware of structured cabling and its benefits, must realize that it is the basic foundation of the complete Information Technology network. It helps support establishing phone lines and telecommunications, move data between computer systems, link individual rooms and workplaces to fiber-optic networks and make audiovisual communication feasible. Furthermore, structured cabling does all of this with fewer interruptions and on an ad hoc basis.

VNOVAS is the only company that provides best structured cabling services in all around in the Dubai.


Why Choose VNOVAS for structured cabling in Dubai?

VNOVAS provides the following Structured cabling Services across U.A.E.

  • Complete data center build-out in Dubai 
  • CCTV camera installation
  • Wire management, backbone construction
  • Inner-duct tubing and cords
  • Installation of a communication room (IDF, MDF)
  • Installation of fiber optic cable
  • Installation of a patch panel
  • Network access from a distance


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