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Although there are other Cisco companies in Dubai, VNOVAS is the top provider of Cisco IP phones in the city. These phones come with a variety of functions that allow users to interact with others through an IP network. The phone has a variety of features, which are mentioned below:

  • Redialing 
  • Speed dialing 
  • Access to voice mail

What are the benefits of Cisco IP phones?

To make a call, the Cisco phones we supply use the Asterisk IP PBX system.
Small organizations can use the IP phones with Cisco Unified Communications Series 500. The phones are reasonably priced and deliver a satisfying experience for customers. To improve security, the application support includes encryption.
Cisco Unified Communications plays an important role since it serves businesses of all sizes, whether small, medium, or big. We offer the below services:
  • Security 
  • Network Management Products 
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Wireless Internet Access

Message on Hold

Voice mail and automated attendant features are provided by the Cisco router. The network module (NM) and the advanced integration module (AIM) are used to deliver these services (AIM). These functions are similar to those of the hybrid private branch exchange.

Customers receive the ability of placing Cisco IP phones in numerous branches to have contact with each of them. Our organization handles the implementation, maintenance, and administration, and if there is a problem, consumers may contact us for assistance. 

Cisco IP Phones Have a Lot of Advantages

Cisco phones in Dubai offer a number of advantages, which are detailed below.

  • Because communications can be sent through a centralized infrastructure, the cost of ownership is decreased; 
  • Cisco IP communication is economical and can provide strong assistance to all sorts of enterprises.
  • Customers may benefit from Cisco data experience as well as industry standard Cisco IOS software, and the configuration and deployment of the phone is relatively straightforward, especially for customers who are familiar with the Cisco Infrastructure.


Cisco Unified Call Manager (UCM)  is a software component that is used to handle phone calls. The program aids in the provision of telephony functionality to networked devices. IP phones are among these gadgets.

  • Media-processing equipment
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) 
  • Multimedia applications

The following are the services provided by Cisco phones:

Combining Voice and Data: Colleagues may make phone calls to other employees at different places and simply transmit data and files. The employee’s location is irrelevant, and data transfer is simple for him.

Features of the phone are simple to use: Speakerphone call transfer, redial, paging, conference, volume control, and intercom are just a few of the capabilities available on the phone. SIP and complete interoperability are features of the phones. SIP is the foundation of VOIP.


Cisco IP Phones include a number of features.

The phones of the SPA500 series contain the following characteristics.

  • Power over Ethernet is supported by the IP phone.
  • Onscreen programs are available for customers to employ for a variety of reasons.
  • The phone may be immediately linked to an IP telephony or IP private branch exchange service (PBX).
  • The audio clarity can be improved with wideband audio and better speaker quality.
  • Installation is simple, and setup is done via menus and the web.
  • Session initiation protocol and Smart Phone Control Protocol are used by open source and hosted telephony systems.
  • The phone also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • The phone’s application allows you to listen to MP3 files and see photos.

Cisco is a leading provider of networking equipment. Cisco IP phones are the company’s flagship products. Cisco IP phones are used in many organizations & Countries, including Cisco Dubai.

Cisco IP phones are the new generation of phones that are designed to provide better voice quality and features. These phones are integrated with Cisco Unified Communications System, which is a software that enables users to make calls, send texts, and use video conferencing. Cisco IP phones provide users with the opportunity to work more efficiently by giving them access to information via voice commands.

VNOVAS, Cisco partner in Dubai provides high-quality products for all its customers. They offer the latest technology in all their products so that customers can enjoy an easy experience while using them.

Cisco IP phones are the most popular in the market today. VNOVAS is partnering with Cisco distributor in UAE to make sure that their products are available to customers in the region.

The Cisco IP phones are designed for home offices, small businesses, and large enterprises. They have a wide range of features that help improve productivity and efficiency. They also have a broad range of devices that can be used with them – headsets, wireless handsets, desk phones, etc.

Cisco IP phones
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