Biometric Attendance Solution

Management of an efficient attendance platform for the employees is vital for the successful operation of your organization. With VNOVAS biometric attendance system in Dubai, you can effortlessly keep track of the working hours of the employees with our unique fingerprint identification technology and manage their attendance data efficiently.

Our revolutionary fingerprint attendance system for businesses in Dubai is failproof, clever, and cost-effective. It allows you to easily identify your staff and keep out anyone with unauthorized access from accessing your business.

Main advantages of our Biometric system are 

  • Attendance monitoring made easy 
  • Real Time data transfer and WEB online tracking 
  • Payroll Error Reduction 
  • Scalability
  • No Proxy Attendance 
  • No Data Manipulation 
A biometric attendance machine is a machine that records the attendance of the employees and the time they arrive at their workplace. This type of system is used in industries like banking, finance, and manufacturing. Biometric systems are generally more accurate than manual systems as they do not rely on someone remembering to check off their hours or filling out paper forms. The data can be extracted from these machines for analysis purposes such as payroll calculations or to monitor employee performance.
Time attendance is one of the most important aspects of any organization. It helps in maintaining the records of the employees who are present at work and those who are absent.
The biometric attendance solution has become a hot topic for many organizations these days, as it provides an accurate and efficient way to manage time attendance.
The biometric attendance solution can be used by organizations to track employee’s attendance history, verify their identity, and collect data about their work hours.

Service Includes…

  • Delivery of the biometric device 
  • Installation and configuration 
  • Testing of device 
  • Testing of report extraction from the HR application as well as usual reporting, if required 
  • Employee training

Biometric Attendance Solution is a time attendance machine that uses biometric technology to identify the person. It can be used in many industries like education, healthcare, and retail. The machine scans the fingerprint of the person and matches it with the fingerprint stored in its database.

The Biometric Attendance Solution is very useful for businesses because it helps them to reduce theft and frauds, save money on labor costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer service.



The Cloud model helps firms decrease investment in physical infrastructure, maintenance and software licensing expenses. Companies may subscribe to services housed on shared infrastructure via our Cloud based biometric and surveillance solutions are straightforward to implement, configure and utilize. Our solution delivers extensive features at an economical cost.

  • Available everywhere, anytime 
  • More Safe and Scalable
  • Automated warnings and reports 
  • Managed by experts 
  • No need to maintain PCs or servers 
  • Cost efficient (no physical servers) (no physical servers)
VNOVAS, provides Cloud Based biometric attendance solution.


  • Cost efficient Solutions
  • Wired and Wireless Connection 
  • Available everywhere, anytime 
  • Centralized data storage 
  • Offline availability 
  • Multiple report export options 
  • Multiple shifts support 
  • Multiple office connection

Cloud based biometric attendance system is a device that uses fingerprints to identify the person and checks the attendance of employees. This system is used in various sectors such as banking, healthcare, education, etc. The cloud based biometric attendance system has many benefits such as it is cost-effective and it can be used for multiple purposes.


biometric attendance solution
biometric attendance solution